A downloadable game for Windows

This is a largely unfinished Platformer RPG where the goal is to kill enemies and collect loot to become stronger so you can kill more enemies.

There are many different items in the game with varying qualities, and rarer items can also have bonuses which affect how the player's spells work.

Recommended that you create a Pyromancer hero as the other two aren't nearly as polished, and also don't have special legendary items that can drop for them.

I've buffed experience and loot yield for your convenience, enjoy! :)

Controls -

A - Move left
D - Move right
Space - Jump
I/Tab - Toggle Inventory
Esc - Exit to menu

Q/W/E/Right click/R/T/F - Skills


PlatformerAdventure.zip 31 MB
Past Versions.zip 74 MB


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Super fun game!